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Our Leanna sadly passed away on the 17th of March 2004 at the age of 21 as a direct result of the tragic car accident in Pretoria, South Africa on the morning of the 16th of March. We will never forget Leanna. She will always be in our hearts.

We have opened this guest book to allow everybody to send their own messages and condolences.

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Name Megan
Date 2013-07-31 21:18:32

Hey Lea,
Was thinking about you a lot today and I am missing you so much as always. I hope you will continue to look after me and Pi (especially Pi because he's getting old-we have to soak all his food now!). I love you so much and always have you in my heart

Name Reanne
Date 2012-09-05 23:34:29

You are and always will be a part of every single one of my days. I love you.

Name Marcus Riby-Smith
Date 2009-11-17 02:31:50

Hey Lea,

I was just reminiscing the other day with some old friends from and I came to talking about a girl I once knew. A girl who’s smile could warm the saddest heart. A girl whom I once loved, and whom I would have wanted to be friends with through until old age. But life makes its own plans doesn't it? I remember how we had lunch together 2 weeks before that faithful day. I remember how you had tried to pay, and I had taken one of your R20 and torn it in half. I kept one half, and gave the other back to you, and said that the next time we could split the bill. I still have that half R20 note - I keep it in my wallet as a reminder of that wonderful woman that I once knew. Lea, even though life has moved on, if there’s one person from my past that I miss... it’s you. You were a true friend and I will never forget you.

I pray that you are now with God, because while I knew you, you sure seemed like one of His angels to me.

Name Marianne Heijndijk
Date 2005-01-02 18:50:24

Lieve Joop en Renee,

Vanochtend hoorde ik het vreselijke bericht van mijn ouders dat Leanna is overleden vorig jaar. Onvoorstelbaar jong. Ik heb haar niet gekend maar heb een beeld van een foto die waarschijnlijk ergens hing in huis vroeger in De Laar en/of Bunnik. Ik heb net Leanna's website en fotoboek bekeken. En dat kleine schattige meisje van de foto was opgegroeid tot een prachtige jonge vrouw met een lieve mooie uitstraling. Die deze wereld wel heel vroeg heeft moeten verlaten. Ik hoop dat de betekenis van de tekst over de vlinder enige troost biedt. Ontzettend veel sterkte toegewenst. Ik hoop nog eens van je/jullie te horen.

Liefs xxx,
Marianne Heijndijk

Liefs, Marianne Heijndijk

Comment by Leanna Camminga

Lieve Marianne
Dank je wel voor de mooie woorden. Het doet mij veel zoveel steun te mogen ontvangen. Ook ik zou het leuk vinden je weer eens te zien!

Name Liesbeth Houtstra...
Date 2004-04-23 13:10:53

This site shows pictures of a very happy and beautiful girl/young woman. It is very sad that she is no longer among her family and friends but I am sure that she will not be forgotten!

Name Carola, Andre, Em...
Date 2004-04-21 22:00:06

Voor alle mensen die Leanne hebben gekend.
We wensen jullie allemaal heel veel sterkte met het verwerken van het verlies van jullie lieve Leanne. Wij kennen Joop en we weten hoe trots Joop op zijn dochter is, en als we naar al die mooie foto's kijken begrijpen we dat !
Nogmaals sterkte.

Name Kylene
Date 2004-04-08 12:07:38

You are my angel, always have been, and alwyas will be. Thank you for the times we spent together, the laughs, the crazy leopard crawling, the wacky dress up days and all the love and care in the world that you could have given to me. The last three years have been the best three years cos i got given an angel as a friend, i got given you. You have taught me in 3 years more about Love, Pain and Forgiveness then i have ever learnt in my 21years of living. So thank you, thank you for always being the angel you are. And thank you for choosing me as your friend.

Name Craig Shepstone
Date 2004-04-06 22:16:26

To the girl I loved, and whom I know loved me, the person whom I will miss, cherish and always keep close to my heart, I am looking forward to seeing you again one day in Heaven, I miss our time together, laughing, studying, just having fun.

I miss you, my Angel, best friend, soul mate, will always love you.

Name Megan Whittington...
Date 2004-04-05 20:41:58

we were all sorry to see Lea go but, she's with us and she will always be with us we all love u lots and lots like jelly-tots,Lea Megs

Name Mandy Fabricius
Date 2004-04-05 20:27:26

My darling angel I miss you so much that my heart is shattered - I dont know if I will ever be able to "live" again. You wwere so much to me - my daughter and my bet friend. Life is so hard to "carry on" with without you.
I love you more than anything (you know that), I would have done anything to have prevented this happening to you (you know that too)and I just dont know how I am supposed to go on with "life as normal" without you.
I miss your smile, your laugh, you special mommy hugs and all that we shared together.
Your sister is so distraught that she cries for you in her were everything to us and we miss you and think of you every second of every day.
Your loving mother Mandy and sister Megs

Name Jarod Oliver
Date 2004-04-02 05:48:21

Although I didn't know Leanna all that well, I know enough to say she was a great person and will undoubtedly be missed by all.

My deepest condolences are with you right now.

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